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Juergen Pauthner

Compliance Board Member, Global Chief Compliance Officer; Head Compliance and Risk; 18 years' experience in building, transforming and improving global compliance management systems of large companies at full bandwidth of preventive and reactive contexts; extensive increase in shareholder value by setup of documented world-class compliance systems; risk management, effectiveness, efficiency, strategic topics, issues management, comprehensive investigations;  exoneration of liability of investors, companies, boards and managers; interim, projects and inhouse. Trusted advisor for complex issues.

Founder and managing editor of annual compliance issues of DER BETRIEB, best-ranked German commercial law journal, Handelsblatt Group; attracted DAX board members of Daimler, Telekom and ThyssenKrupp, Supreme Court Judges, heads of federal prosecution authorities and head of federal cartel authorities to my team of co-editors.

Built the world's largest compliance study program for managers at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Germany's oldest private business school; served seven years as program director besides my chief compliance officer assignments; one-year program, recruited 75 CCOs as lecturers for 52 classes on compliance topics.

Published the world's first books on Compliance for Top Executives (2017, 590 p.) and Compliance for Supervisory Boards (2018, 380 p.) at German Handelsblatt Publishers, both official bestsellers. Further publications at C.H. Beck, largest, most traditional legal publisher

Founder and lecturer (8 y.) of compliance as core part of the Executive MBA at ESCP Europe Paris - global top 10 among 500 Executive MBA Programs at the Financial Times ranking, ESCP Masters in Management global top 5; ESCP is the world's oldest business school, triple crown accreditation, French Grande École

Training of prosecutors and judges at Frankfurt Supreme Court on what makes corporate compliance management effective, enabling better judgements in liability cases

Project partner of the German Federal Ministry of Research and Technology for defining Standard Compliance Guidelines for German companies; multi-year compliance study of global businesses at ESCP Europe

Teaching classes for managers at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management (7 y.) on international compliance, CMS build-up, turnaround, change and transformation, anti-corruption/-fraud

Background: LL.M. (USA), MBA (Paris), State Exam (D); London School of Economics and Political Science, ESCP Europe Paris, University of San Diego, Universités de Genève et Lausanne, Universities of Constance & Munich; PhD study program ESCP Europe Berlin, dissertation on effectiveness and efficiency of global compliance systems; Harvard Business School Risk Management Program, Boston, MA; Rotary Ambassadorial and DAAD scholarships.

Mandate Reference 1: Global Chief Compliance Officer in context of Private Equity M&A

For value increase of the world's largest producer of plant-based food products, 12-months-project, head office in London, global distribution systems, presence in all economies of the world, brand leader in 68 countries, production sites in 62 countries, corporate value above 28 bn. US$, Unilever carve-out by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts New York and London (KKR & Co. L.P.).

Overall responsibility for the transfer and transformation of the compliance system before and after the deal and for the organization of legal conduct of global operations at all countries. Setup of the global compliance system including processes and systems for risk identification, -assessment and -steering, building of central and national teams.

Extensive cost-savings via pre-close transfers of parts of the compliance risk steering system, setup of a new global compliance system from scratch; extensive reduction of cost of risk, of cms-transfer- and merging costs; liability exoneration for executives of the investors and of the legal entities; extensive increase of shareholder value for investors via transfer and transformation of the compliance system and public communication of results ahead of targeted IPO; remarkably ambitions time- and cost schedules.

Mandate Reference 2: Compliance Board Member, Head Compliance and Risk in context of Private Equity M&A

Targeted value increase of the world's largest producer of water-related products, such as filtration systems, fittings et al., 12-months-project, headquartered in Tokyo, 469 subsidiary companies in 112 countries, multiple m&a-deals in preceding years.

Global responsibility for the transfer and transformation of the compliance- and risk management system, for integration into internal control systems and for the organization of legal conduct of operations at all countries; transformation and harmonization of the global compliance systems, integration of numerous m&a targets; buildup of global teams and comprehensive systems for risk identification, -assessment and -steering.

Extensive savings of cost of risk, cms-transfer- and merging costs; liability exoneration for investors, legal entities, boards of directors and operational managers; extensive increase of shareholder value for investors via significantly improved effectiveness and efficiency of the compliance system; public communication of improved risk stability, sustainability and crisis resilience due to the built world-class compliance system for substantial value increase prior to the targeted IPO.

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